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Types of Heating Systems that are Financed By Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI)

Most people are using Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) from the government to reduce the costs of renovating their homes and commercial buildings with modern renewable heating systems. You can get financial aid from the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) for the following heating systems that use renewable sources of energy.

You can get financial aid to install a biomass wood-fuelled boiler at home or in your business premises through the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI). Wood chips, wood pellets or logs are used to heat water in the radiators and hot water cylinders of the biomass wood-fuelled boiler for industrial and domestic use. Wood fuel is used in a biomass wood-fuelled boiler hence small amounts of carbon is released, unlike fossil fuel that releases a lot of carbon.

Wood fuel is renewable because the trees can be replanted but extracting fossil fuel destroys the environment because it is a non-renewable source of energy. You can purchase wood that is locally available for use in the biomass wood-fuelled boiler. A biomass wood-fuelled boiler is clean because it is smoke-free. Logs and wood are cheaper than electricity, oil, and gas.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) encourages industries and homes to install ground source heat pumps because it offers financial aid. The heat sink for summer and a heat source in winter is the ground beneath the building. In winter, ground source heat pump supplies heat to the building from the underground heat source and allows heat from the building to be stored underground in summer.

A ground source heat pump uses solar energy stored beneath the building provide a carbon-free way of heating buildings. Ground source heat pumps are used to cool the building in summer. There is less work that is needed to operate ground source heat pumps than biomass wood fuelled boilers because they are automated. They are cheaper to run than electric heating systems, oil boilers and gas boilers. Ground source heat pump needs no planning for installation because it is safe, unobtrusive, silent and out-of-sight.

The government offers Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for those who need solar water heating systems to be installed in their homes and commercial buildings. Solar energy is free and abundant even on cloudy days hence you will cut down on the costs of electricity, water, wood, oil and gas for heating the home. Solar PV panels need more space than Solar thermal panels, and you will also save money because two to three panels are enough. Carbon is not released from solar thermal heaters.

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